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Ben Franklin's page
Here you can read what Sandra Aitken wrote about reading Ben Franklin's autobiography. There are also some quotes from Ben and images of him too!

Douglas Adams
Here you can read what Sandra Aitken wrote about Douglas Adams. There are also some quotes from a speech he made and links for you to get his books too!

Herbert London has great ideas worth reading on the Social and Political situation going on in America today. I enjoyed his book, America's Secular Challenge. It had some quite interesting ideas worth listening to.

Herbert London's website

If for some reason the link above doesn't work, here is the URL code you need to paste into your browser: http://www.herblondon.org/

Farley Mowat
Here you can read a review on Farley's book and movie, "Never Cry Wolf." His books are amazing. He writes about the Innuit Eskimoes, and the wildlife in the Arctic North. He gives history and new information. He's a Canadian icon who's inspired many people and countries about the importance of preserving the wild world around us and respecting other's customs - even animal life! His books are a must read for every nature enthusiast.

David Bach
Author and Financial Advisor
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David Bach, world-renowned Financial Advisor, writes excellent books, explaining to you how to save your money (even if you think you have none!) in simple, down-to-earth style. He tells you to start thinking of your future, putting yourself number one, planning for retirement and improve your savings plan. Don't let the future take care of itself. You must plan how you'll survive in the future within a dwindling social security system. Be smart, invest first!