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Farley Mowat

Author, environmentalist and Canadian hero!

Farley Mowat

                                           by Sandra Aitken

Farley Mowat is a Canadian hero and environmental icon. Farley's books, "Never Cry Wolf" and "People of the Deer" have won critical acclaim. His views have changed how we see wolves and brought us a greater understanding of their lifestyle and their role in the balance of nature. When I was a teenager, I saw the movie, "Never Cry Wolf" and I fell in love with the wolves. I understood the butchery of a family life, which the fur trade created.

Never Cry Wolf is one of the greatest movies ever made; severely underrated and overlooked. Charles Martin Smith does an excellent job of portraying Farley's character and holds the movie together as you see the world through his eyes. The Innuit Eskimo people are also depicted with great simplicity and realism as you realize how their interaction with white people has affected their value system and cultural structure. I developed a new appreciation of nature and animal life from this movie.

Never Cry Wolf : Amazing True Story of Life Among Arctic Wolves

It has everything: solitude, introspection, fear, danger, anger, understanding and love. It is a must see for those who value the beauty of the intricate world around us.

Read the book too for greater insight into wolves and Farley's actual experience in the wilderness. Click here to read more about the book or click here to buy the book for yourself so you can read it firsthand.

The People of the Deer is another great book by Farley about the life of the Innuit Eskimo people. Here he shows a deep respect for the Innuits and their customs and goes into the traditions that have held their community together and kept them alive in the worst kind of conditions.

People of the Deer (Death of a People)

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