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Tips for New Writers

New to writing and feeling a bit overwhelmed? RELAX!
It's easy. Here are some tips for new writers.

Be Fearless
Want to try something new? A new writing style you always wanted to try?
Try it! There are always new concepts and techniques coming out that can
get you better results in what you want to communicate.

Get Info
Read poetry, great classic literature, books about writers who made it,
writing magazines, or search the web. Find out what people's likes and
dislikes are: comedy, serious articles, how to get people interested in
what you have to say, how to market your writing, how to edit, proofread,
get feedback from people you trust and respect, think about how you feel
about what you wrote and how can you improve it. Then use only the words
best suited to communicate your message. Keep it simple. Pare it down to
the essentials. Keep a consistent viewpoint in your writing. Ask questions
of people you respect in your field.

Know Your Zone
Get to know your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? If you try
to reach everyone, you may end up reaching no one. Think about your
audience and when you write, write as if you're writing only to them. It
might be easier if you have a friend you can imagine as your audience and
write with them in mind.

Your Creative Spot
Find a great environment you can work in. Make sure you have a comfortable
desk and chair and try to avoid clutter in your work environment which might
distract you. Make sure you have water and munchies near by. Fresh vegetable
snacks like celery or baby carrots can energize you and keep you going.
Try to avoid interruptions like your cell phone or people asking you questions.
Find a nice quiet place and make time for yourself to do what you do best.

Write, write, write

Write as if you just don't care about what you're writing.
Don't criticize yourself or stifle your creative output. You can always edit it
later. The important thing is to get the creative juices flowing and begin

Dare to Prepare
Think about your goal and write it down. If you're writing a novel or a play
with a lot of characters, do a character sheet where you keep notes on what
the character looks like, and what kind of things they like, make it all
about them, and use these character sheets for a handy reference to use
while you're writing. First time writers often forget decisions they made
for characters while they were flowing out their words on paper. If you have
character sheets, you can use them to double-check yourself and make sure
you're staying on track. You can even make sheets about the Environment for
a scene you are writing, keep track of building colors, atmosphere notes
(hot, cold, humid), what kind of noises you'd hear in that location.

Take 5 - Relax
Enjoy your work. Know when to take a break.

If you work too much you might lose perspective on your work. Take a break
so you can look at your work with fresh eyes at another time.