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That Hit the Spot!

Master Craftsman

On this site, you'll see lots of great writers and artists talking
about what they do and how they do it. You also can read or see some
of their work and see what people are saying about them. There are links
where you can get access to ordering their books and read what other
reviewers have to say.

Thinking about writing that great bestseller or writing poetry to
express what's on your mind? How about becoming an artist, an actor
or producer?

Check out That Hit the Spot!

This is where readers can interact with writers and art lovers can be
introduced to artists and producers. You'll be able to get in-depth
information through writing to these experts and seeing what they've
written to others on how to get started.

That Hit the Spot offers the opportunity for artists and writers to:

  • Meet fellow art, book and movie enthusiasts.
  • Learn about art and literature clubs you can join.
  • Share expertise and advice.
  • Pick up educational materials.
  • Get new and creative ideas.
  • Talk to experts who have experience in the field you want to develop in.
  • Find out about writing, art and theater.
  • Improve your book, movie and art collection.
  • Learn techniques that can help you develop in your chosen field.
  • Get inspired!

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