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Todd Shoaf

Poet and contributor to That Hit the Spot!

She’s With God So She’s With Me

This poem is dedicated to Donna Marie Devoe

donna heart

Donna Marie Devoe as a girl
Donna On Christmas Morning

Donna Marie Devoe
Donna At Beach With Her Baby Pug Dog Chloe

Donna Marie Devoe at Coles Point
Donna At Coles Point...With Her Beautiful Bird

Donna Marie Devoe with Cleo
Donna In Car With Her Baby Pug Dog Chloe

She’s With God So She’s With Me

All the good times we had together, all the storms we had to weather,

I found it very odd that we were making peace with God

We talked about our sins, and the places we had been

At first we had to drink in order not to think

We knew the things we had done, but we still had lots of fun.

I loved to make her laugh, so I could see her smile.

I hated when she cried, it would tear my heart a mile

No one ever took care of me the way that Donna did

Not just love and touching, but all the things she said.

It’s funny how the bad things get etched upon your soul

When people you love leave this place, it always leaves a hole

I sit here on this hot Summer night thinking of June 26th…

when I lost the fight.

I still don’t understand why this was God's will

This hole inside me that I fear will never fill.

I guess I’ll always question why God calls us when he does,

And hurts the ones around me, and the people that she loves.

I know who has control now, it’s very plain to see,

She’s with God, in his hands, and they will always be with me.

The one thing I remember, and it comes as no surprise,

Is the way she could make me feel with those beautiful brown eyes.

You probably won’t understand this, and only Donna would…

But I’ll say it as she did lots of times, “Baby, I Don’t Feel Good.”

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Blue Sky

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