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Poems of Christopher Knauth

Christopher Knauth is a
"hat man." He's a lawyer,
Harvard graduate, a devoted
husband and father of 14
children. He has a wicked
sense of humor and loves
to shock people.

The paintings of Christopher
which you see here have been
painted by his daughter,
Deanna Christina in
tribute to him.

Enjoy Chris's poems!

Poet and contributor to That Hit the Spot!

Christopher Knauth

Christopher writes about life, growing up, expectations, relationships
and love in his poetry.

Poems of Christopher R. Knauth


Cliffdweller of Pippa Passes

Reunion Resurrection Prayer

You Loved Me Once

The Cliffdweller of Pippa Passes

Youth (birth to graduation)
The year's at the spring
The spring's at the morn
The morning's at seven
The hillside's dew pearled

The lark's on the wing
The snail's on the thorn
God's in his heaven
All's right with the world


First Stanzas written by Robert Browning.

Post grad jobs and marriage
Work, work, work
Slave, you jerk, jerk, jerk
You must learn
Joy to spurn
Yearn to earn
Earn your urn
With more work, work, work.

Ten years later
The year's at Christ's birth
The day's at the morn
The morning's at seven
Wrapped presents unfurled

The room's filled with mirth
The child toots his new horn
The family's in heaven
All's right with the world?

Last Stanzas added by Christopher Knauth.

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The Reunion Resurrection Prayer
[Agnostic male, to be politically correct]

They knew not where they came from
We know not where they went
But we know they fought the good fight
We trust they died content.

I know not where I came from
I know not where I'll go
I strive to fight the good fight
To what effect, I'll know.

Where did our children come from?
This miracle we've all watched grow
We pray they'll fight the good fight
And go where we'll all go.

Our birth, our love and death
How did I meet THE wife
How did these things all happen
These mysteries of life?

In my youth, a tenor sang of love
With joyful, puzzled breath
As Goethe in his old age
Compared youth's rest with death.

"Who can explain it?"
I heard the tenor sigh
"Fools [may] give you reasons
[But] wise men never try".

At our Harvard's 50th reunion
Long since our learning's birth
'Tis the closest we will ever get
To heaven on THIS earth!

Our family, friends and loved ones
Will we all meet again?

It's oh so "pretty to think so".
Our faith we MUST sustain!

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You Loved Me Once

You loved me once
How could I tell?
Your eyes, your smile...
I danced so well.
But I was only twenty-three
And there was still the world to see.

Youth's bells peeled. Trumpets called to life.
Too young to wed and girls to know
Alps, Rome, fjords and gay Paree
Brazil, Peru and Mexico
I travelled far o'er land and sea
And never once dids't think on thee.

Planes, trains, spitoons, bikes, hikes and busses
All these I used my world to viewing
But as the years passed one, two, three
I paused to think what am I doing?
Now bored with what I once admired
This pub, flat broke, alone and tired.

I looked up from my cup, twas thee
What chance to find alone at tea?!
I leapt up from my seat to greet
My first true love, youth's love so sweet
But who is this? What do I see?
"Oh, this is John. He married me."

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